Celebrates between women

uk2 friends completely faggots return to them in titubant.Comme they drank much, they want of uriner.Elles very pass in front of a cemetery and one suggests that they could be relieved behind a stone tombale.La first which does not have anything to wipe itself decides to leave its slipway, to use it to this end and to throw it ensuite.Son friendly which does not want to damage its underclothing of luxury is likely to find a ribbon on a crown of the tomb has dimension and makes use of it for essuyer.Puis they return themselves has the maison.Le following day, the husband of the first telephone to the husband of the second: - It will be necessary to supervise our wives, mine returned without breeches last night. - It is nothing, known as the other, mine returned with a chart wedged between the buttocks saying: "On behalf of all the guy of the brigade of firemen, one will never forget you!"

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